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Please contact us if you are interested in CMP or wafer thinning process for semiconductor devices, brittle material, amorphous material, thin film, metal etc.


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MAT provides systems for R&D CMP tool with both Manual version and Automatic version.
The equipments feature from one chip size up to φ300mm dia. to fit customer’s specific needs.
See the table below.
For the equipment or specific substrate sizes and forms other than the listed-up please feel free to contact us.

R&D CMP Tool

  • img_cmp-experimental-device04_thumb BC-15CN Table top CMP available from chip size up to 6 inch wafer
  • img_cmp-experimental-device03_thumb ARW-461M R&D CMP tool for small wafer size
  • img_cmp-experimental-device02_thumb ARW-681MSⅡ R&D CMP tool for 200mm wafer
  • img_cmp-experimental-device01_thumb ARW-8C1MS R&D CMP tool for 300mm wafer

CMP for mass production

  • img_cmp-automatic-device04_thumb UHK-8C31M Manual Polishing System for SiC wafer mass production
  • img_cmp-automatic-device03_thumb UHK-963A Full Automatic Polishing System for 300mm wafer
  • img_cmp-automatic-device02_thumb UHK-541A Full Automatic CMP system for MEMS
  • img_cmp-automatic-device01_thumb ARW-681A Automatic R&D CMP tool for 200mm wafer

Grinding equipment

  • img_product02_thumb GYR-211・311MA The system of manual grinding for φ200mm and φ300mm wafer size
  • img_grinding-attachment02_thumb GYR-823A φ4、6、φ200mm fully automatic Back grinder
  • img_grinding-attachment01_thumb GYR-182AS Full-automatic grinding system for 4" to φ200mm wafer size for higher accuracy TTV control.

Cleaning equipment

  • img_cleaning-device03_thumb ZAB-8S1M Single side cleaning system for φ200mm wafer
  • img_cleaning-device02_thumb ZAB-8W3AS Full-Automatic double side cleaning system for exclusive φ200mm wafer
  • img_cleaning-device01_thumb ZAB-8C5A Full-Automatic double side cleaning system for φ200mm and φ300mm wafer

Lapping equipment and other

  • img_other-device04_thumb UHK-840-4F Single side lapping system for SiC wafer
  • img_other-device03_thumb UHK-1250-4N Single sided polishing system for sapphire wafer
  • img_other-device01_thumb MGR-380F The lapping system with facing unit

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